Alternative Energy-based Heat and Energy Supply

„The dispute about bio energy... conceals the potential lying in the sector to eradicate hunger and poverty…If we make the best of opportunities, bio energy is a historical chance to increase the pace of growth and accomplish the renaissance of agriculture and supply one third of the population of the Earth with the energy of the modern age!" (Jacques Diouf, Secretary General, United Nations, FAO)

Renewable energy sources:

Energy sources are considered renewable energy sources - if those do not decrease while being used; they are available continuously in a sufficient quantity, or renewed at an appropriate speed.

Renewable energy sources:

  • solar energy

  • wind energy

  • water energy

  • geothermic energy

  • biomass

Taking their boundaries of use into consideration these can be applied to generate heat-energy for heating, electric energy as well as to produce fuel of it.

The above mentioned forms of application are yet satisfied with the use of fossil fuels, but if we replace them with renewable energy sources it would entail economic and social advantages.

Cothec–Biothec Biomass-based Heat Supply

Biomass to be utilised with burning

Biomass to be utilised for energetic purposes consists of organic materials, waste or materials of plant origin explicitly grown for the aims of the energy sector.

  • By-products of agricultural product

  • Forestry and timber industrial waste

  • Plants grown for energetic purposes

The features of biomass as a source of energy

  • It is renewing due to Photosynthesis

  •  Organic materials store solar energy in the form of chemical energy

  • Emission of harmful agents (CO2, CO, SO2, CxHx) is smaller, than fossil fuels’, it has a favourable effect on regional development and creation of new workplaces.

  • Abundant and appropriate land 


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