Virtual Power Plant Program - Another recognition for Cothec

Patroned by President János Áder, Hungary’s greenest power plant, the Virtual Power Plant Program (VEP) continues.

Savings have reached 336 Mwe, by that the VEP ranks 6 at Hungarian electric power plants that consists of corporate, municipal and international blocks.

Since the launch of the Virtual Power Plant Program in 2013 Cothec Kft. received the Energy Efficient Mentor Company award every year and the company was awarded in the Parliament this year again.

The tasks of mentor companies include promoting the Program, sharing knowledge and buffering the savings of the projects generated by the mentors.

In 2019 we involved the savings of INDOTEK Group’s two new office buildings and the project built in Knorr Bremse’s plant, supporting these two companies in being awarded as Energy Efficient companies.

This year the idea for international mentorship was raised by ENGIE, which would further strengthen our relationship with the program, and it is a great opportunity for ENGIE to achieve the goals set in its strategy in Hungary.

Czipf Csongor ügyvezető úr a Parlamentben 2019


Czipf Csongor ügyvezető úr átveszi a tanúsítványt  Áder János köztársasági elnök