Operation, Maintenance

Industrial companies face an ever-increasing demand in the field of production, logistics and administration

Efficiency is our first priority

However, these requirements are rather important in the event of public institutions in municipal possession, either buildings of public purpose or privately owned ones (sport facilities, medical institutions e.g.).

Tenants expect the representatives of block of flats to provide efficient energy management, a block of flats may be operated either with district heating, or with a central boiler.
Under the mounting pressure to decrease costs it often becomes necessary to outsource energy and heat supply to a professional company in order to achieve greater efficiency, and there comes the opportunity to use the services furnished by Cothec Ltd.

The professional energy management offered by Cothec Ltd. unifies energy safety, efficiency and transparency of costs respecting regulation of environment protection and safety!

We are one of the few companies in the market, who offer an efficient energy management system for the entire lifecycle of buildings: starting from survey through planning, design, construction, operation to the supply system: follow-up the purchase, conversion and distribution of energy and invoicing.
As Your partner in the field of energy saving and equipment contracting we can also offer you attractive financing models. Owing to our complexity we are able to decrease your energy costs in the long-run and we can guarantee it.
Working out our offer is free of charge! Do not hesitate to contact us!