Structure of Ownership

ENGIE Austria GmbH (earlier Cofely Holding GmbH) is the sole shareholder of 100% of the business shares at Cothec Ltd.

In Austria, ENGIE Austria GmbH mainly offers building engineering constructions, energy supply and cooling services for its Clients. ENGIE Austria GmbH is considered a prime energy efficiency expert with its innovative solutions, reliable and customised planning and construction work in Austria. The sales of the company in 2015 amounted to 180 Million Euro, with a staff of 1062, and it is present in 16 cities. ENGIE Austria GmbH, which was joined by Hungary, Russia, Poland and Romania – is a member of the ENGIE Group.

ENGIE is the largest energy and environmental efficiency service provider in Europe. It operates in 20 countries with nearly 35.000 employees, the sales amounts to almost 8 billion Euro and it is part of ENGIE Energy Services Group, which is one of the 6 business lines of ENGIE with 76.000 workers and 14 billion Euro annual sales.

The above shareholder company is a member of ENGIE Group, which is one of the biggest energy suppliers of the world. In Hungary ENGIE is present in the energy sector in the fields of gas supply, trade and distribution, as well electric energy generation and trade. Due to its solid international background it has become one of the greatest and leading energy companies of Hungary.

ENGIE is one of the leading energy companies of the world employing 220.000 workers in 70 countries and several thousand companies as well as millions of families are ranked among their satisfied Clients. It is the first-rate supplier for big cities and business consumers in Europe, not to mention that the company owns the greatest natural gas supplier and distributor network in Europe.

The Company Group covers the entire production and supply chain in the field of natural gas and electric energy, what is more it has taken the lead in planning and sale of energy and environmental services. The annual turnover of the company reached 84.5 billion Euro in 2010.