Sport Facilities

Budapest - Hajós Alfréd Swimming Pool

Budapest - Hajós Alfréd UszodaIn 2008 in the framework of a public procurement tender Cothec Ltd. won a project of significant value – the modernisation of the energetic system of Hajós Alfréd Swimming Pool located in Margaret Island. The Customer requested the use of alternative energy besides re-building the existing heating system.

Prior to the modernisation Hajós Alfréd Swimming Pool used to have a gas boiler of 3300 KW heat performance needing to be renovated. The water technological system was rather outdated. The energetic system was partly manually operated and there was no central controlling unit. Hajós Alfréd Uszoda felújítása után

The old pump stations and the worn-out equipment resulted in high energy consumption. After the renewal of Hajós Alfréd Swimming Pool a condensation boiler of 1000 KW heat performance was installed.

We built in a DDC-driven central controlling system and a building surveillance system. The existing water technological (filtering-, pump- and control) equipment was modernised.

Hajós Alfréd Uszoda All-inclusive energiaszolgáltatásAs a novelty we also established a new solar equipment with the surface of 300 m2 within the Cothec-Biotech programme. The circulatory pumps and the electric engines were assembled with speed controllers. Sanitary equipment was replaced. In Hajós Alfréd Swimming Pool we implemented an All-inclusive energy supply, which includes water, heating and electric current supply services.



Szeged - Sports Hall

Szeged - Sportcsarnok fűtéskorszerűsítésAt the modernisation of the Sports Hall in Szeged the gas heating system was modernised. A Viesmann boiler of 1500 kW was installed.




Szeged - Sportcsarnok hőközpont