Sárbogárdon két fűtőművet üzemeltetünk.

From 1 April 2017 Cothec has been working as district heat supplier in the city of Siófok. Early autumn 2016 negotiations started by the municipality of Siófok, the district heat supplier Balaton-Parti Kft. and Cothec Kft. for the modernisation of the district heating system and its long term operation, as a result of which an agreement was conducted by the parties in December 2016. 

Based on the agreement concluded Cothec is in charge of completing district heat production in the two individual heat supply systems of the city (Városház square and the hospital) including the operation and maintenance of the boiler system, pressure control and circulation and the installation of two modern, condenser natural gas powered boilers with 1 MW heat performance each. According to the licence granted by the Hungarian Energetics and Public Utility Control Office after a district heating licensing process our company will perform district heating tasks in Siófok from 1 April 2017 for 10 years. 

Two boilers were installed in summer 2017, as a result of which the efficiency and safety of the Siófok district heating system increases significantly. „ District heating is one of the efficient and environment-friendly ways of supplying heat and domestic hot water to private and institutional consumers. Our company considers district heating as an important business area and, as a consequence we provide district heat production and services already in 4 cities including Sátoraljaújhely, Sárbogárd, Nagyatád and Kőszeg. In all of those cities and also in Siófok we seek to generate energy in the most efficient way, as it does not only result in competitive district heating prices, but also contributes to achieving a sustainable environment”, emphasized Gábor Bercsi, managing director of Cothec Kft.