Sárbogárdon két fűtőművet üzemeltetünk.The Municipality of Sárbogárd advertised a public procurement tender to operate, maintain, improve the district heat system for 10 years and to collect service fees, which was won by Cothec Ltd. (company seat: 14 Hunyadi Street Győr).

Date of supplier change: 01.06. 2010

We operate two heating plants in Sárbogárd. In one of the heating plants gas engine generated heat is utilised, which can produce half of the heat demand.

The fleet of boilers is continuously being modernised during the term of contract. In the other boiler house we reduced the loss of sanitary hot water generation in the summer period by installing a condensation boiler dimensioned for summer demand. In the course of the duration of the contract the district pipe system will be repaired and renewed constantly, where it seems necessary.

The district heat supply page of Sárbogárd, residential district heat fees and our Business Rules are included on the appropriate page of our website.

We hope that all the residents will be entirely satisfied with the standard of our services; we do our best to provide fail-safe and continuous supply.

Reference letter from The Mayor’s Office Sárbogárd (pdf)