Residential buildings, block of flats

Veszprém - Block of flats located in Vilonya street

Veszprém - Vilonyai úti TársasházIn Veszprém eighty flats of the Eastern Gate Block of flats used to be handled by the army, which were purchased by the tenants in the meantime. 

The community immediately faced the outdated heating system. Due to the lack of maintenance for years the status of the boilers deteriorated and the pumps went wrong.

The block of flats did not have a sufficient renewal fund. In 2001 the long-term supply contract was concluded, and the system has been running smoothly ever since, what is more the tenants have to pay less for the heat energy supply than ever before.

Nowadays the tenants - after the reconstruction performed by Cothec Ltd. - use half of the energy to supply heating and sanitary hot water in a cold winter month than before.


Budapest - Block of flats located at 9 Kossuth square

At the block of flats in Budapest the boiler house system was rather outdated due to the insecure operation as well as the low technical level of such. The hot water-driven equipment in the boiler house required continuous supervision in manual mode. The community has been unable to find financial means to spend on improvements except for the annual maintenance for 20 years.

After the reconstruction the required heat performance of the installed equipment reduced to half in comparison with the former status. The new hot-water boiler house does not need continuous monitoring any further. Thanks to the installed equipment and the cutting edge electronics the system enables to render an energy-saving heat supply which can meet the highest standards in the long run.