Optimum Utilisation of Energy

Our Clientele consists of 100 Municipalities, more than 8000 heated flats and the district heat supply systems of 3 towns (Sátoraljaújhely, Sárbogárd and Nagyatád) belong to us.
We are able to achieve all these in the following circumstances:

  • Strong competition and pressure aiming at the decrease of costs.
  • The technological solutions are improving continuously.
  • Environment protection regulations are becoming stricter and stricter.
  • Adaptation to the ecological requirements of the climate change needs more and more financial  means.

The issue of efficiency has become the very focus of facility management due to various reasons; therefore it demands lots of attention and planning. We assist our Clients in building up the best technical infrastructure with our high standard services. We make basic processes more efficient and establish optimised energy supply.