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Budapest - Appeninn Office Blocks

By modernising heating and cooling systems, up-to-date, energy efficient and environmental saving new equipments are installed which ensure economical operation. An external service provider (an ESCO company) operates, maintains and repairs the equipments, which means maintenance tasks, costs and troubleshooting will not be included among unpredictable risks and costs of the Appeninn. In terms of finance the ESCO model is based on cost savings that may be achieved through operating modern equipment. Modernisation of the heat generation system at Appeninn office blocks is carried out by Cothec Ltd., investments are financed from savings in energy costs.

Office blocks situated in Hattyú, Bég, Páva and Visegrád streets are equipped with new boilers, heat containers and heat recovery systems. By building in modern equipment nearly 3300 GJ energy saving may be expected annually. „There is a strong competition among office blocks, since tenants are looking for efficient solutions in the field of operation too. Apart from the decrease in the costs of energy sources, additional expenses may be reduced as well; maintenance, and repair costs become predictable by introducing a base fee.

Budapest - Appeninn irodaházakAz Appeninn irodaházak hőtermelő rendszereinek korszerűsítését a Cothec kft. végzi el

Appeninn reference letter (pdf)

Budapest - In-Management Office Blocks

In 2012 Cothec Ltd. performed the heating modernisation of Róna Office Center belonging to the real estate portfolio of In-Management Ltd. as the first project. As a result of the energy efficiency investment nearly 48% energy saving was achieved annually.

This good example was followed by two further investments in 2013-2014, in the course of which reconstruction of heating systems located in the Office Blocks in Gyömrői and  Temesvári Street were implemented. The achievements so far proved that the introduction of energy efficient solutions in office blocks are relatively fast return investments, which can be benefited from in the long run not only by the owners, but lessees as well.

The correct relationship having formed with Cothec Ltd. through which the company renders high standard and reliable services may serve as a basis for future co-operation too.

Budapest - In-Management irodaházakCothec Kft. az In-Management Kft. ingatlan-portfóliójában található budapesti Róna Office Center, fűtéskorszerűsítését végezte el 2012-ben

In-Management Reference letter (pdf)