Municipal and public institutional references

Ráckeve - Municipality

Ráckeve IskolaDue to the high price of natural gas as energy source, furthermore environment protection aspects.
The Municipality of Ráckeve was planning to modernise the systems generating heating and sanitary hot water for its public institutions. The Municipality advertised public procurement tenders on this work which were won by Cothec Ltd. The reconstruction was implemented in several stages. Old and outdated boiler houses were pulled down and replaced by cutting-edge Vaillant condensation boilers. Apart from replacing the boilers, heat distribution systems were changed as well with new
pumps, motorised valves and weather-related controls to serve the heat demand of the buildings more accurately.

RáckeveAfter the modernisation approximately 30% decrease in average gas consumption of institutions is expected.

Institutions involved:

Rainbow Kindergarten; Mayor’s Office; Ady Endre Secondary Grammar School; Prince Árpád Primary School; Nursery School.



Bácsborsod - Autumn Sunshine Social Home

BácsborsodThe institution is a continuously running boarding home. It occupies 8 buildings (a mansion, a social facility, a home, workshops, offices and a dressing room for nurses). The Municipality of Bács-Kiskun County found it difficult to supply the 200 boarders with hot water and heating. The frequent malfunction of the old equipment, high energy and repair costs encumbered the operation of the Institution. After the boiler house modernisation a controlled heating system of high technical standard was established in the buildings.
A solar collector system was built in partly financed from state subsidy within the framework of KÖVICE tender, in the area of 115 m2. The Municipality had post-financing problems which was solved by the concessionary and service contract concluded with Cothec Ltd.
The inner temperature of the premises, sanitary hot water supply are provided continuously in compliance with the regulations which results in favourable energy saving.

Veszprém - Student’s Hostel

Középiskolai KollégiumThe 3 buildings of the Student Hostel of the secondary school in Veszprém formerly had been heated with 3 steam boilers. Apart from the insufficient technical state of the equipment, owing to the steam-powered system and the manual control the institution was operated with significant over-heating and high energy costs. After the conversion 2 new hot-water boiler houses were built for the three buildings.
By now thanks to the modern building surveillance system the hostel has become periodically monitored and every malfunction has ceased, in addition the energy consumption has improved too.

Budapest - Eastern Railway Station

Budapest - Keleti pályaudvarThe largest investment requiring specific technological solutions has been performed by Cothec Ltd. at the Eastern Railway Station. This is a major investment both from economic and environmental protection aspect too.
Cothec Ltd. won the modernisation of the heating equipment in a public procurement tender, and initiated to re-construct the outdated, inefficient steam-powered heating system in the middle of July 2006. A mere 4-month deadline was set to perform the total construction provided that the work would not hinder train traffic. The steam-powered heating of the largest railway station in Hungary was renewed with the most up-to-date technology; gas boilers and heating centres were installed and established a hot water heating system.

Technically the greatest challenge was to renew the pipes partly under the tracks with ongoing train traffic. Cothec Ltd. organised the work efficiently, fast and in a flexible way.
As a result of the modernisation performed in the building serving 2 million passengers annually 85% less primary energy is needed.

Budapest - Mafilm Kft.

Budapest - Mafilm Kft.Cothec Ltd. concluded a heat supply contract with the former MAFILM Plc. in 2003. Within the framework of the contract our company undertook to reconstruct the outdated gas-powered heating system of Mafilm Plc. in the same year. Earlier one steam-powered boiler house supplied the heating and sanitary hot water of the total site via gas pipes.
After the heating modernisation the steam-powered system was replaced by hot-water powered heat supply, furthermore instead of the previous centralised boiler house we established several decentralised smaller boiler houses. Modern low-temperature condensation wall boilers were installed into the boiler houses which were fitted with temperature-related control mechanics, mixing valves by individual circles and temperature sensors. The boilers were supplied with building surveillance system to the greatest satisfaction of our Clients.

Baracska - Penitentiary Institution

Baracska - Büntetésvégrehajtási IntézetThe project was won by Cothec Ltd. at a public procurement tender in 2008. We constructed a hot-water heat supply system for the premises of the National Penitentiary Institution of Central Transdanubia to replace the current system operated via the central steam boiler house. The existing steam-powered heating systems were removed except for the boiler house. In order to make heat energy generation more efficient vertical and wall condensation boilers were installed. Sanitary hot-water containers were also established along with a building surveillance system to improve the control of heating systems.

Baracska - reference letter (pdf)

Budapest - ELTE buildings

In several buildings of the University  (e.g. University Library, Archives,  Botanical Garden, Sport Centre) boiler house maintenance and repair are performed by our Company.
We have won the project at a public procurement tender.