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Opel Szentgotthárd Ltd., Szentgotthárd

Opel Szentgotthárd Kft., SzentgotthárdOPEL Szentgotthárd Automotive Industrial Ltd. and COTHEC Ltd. decided to co-operate to implement energy retrofit in the Opel plant located in  Szentgotthárd in 2012.

As the first step, Cothec Ltd. modernised the entire heat generation system.

  • Installation of warm-water condensation boiler system with 3.4 MW capacity
  • Installation of hot-water condensation boiler with 4.3 MW capacity
  • Conversion of steam boiler of 7.8 MW capacity to hot-water technology

The total heated cubic metre of air of the buildings: 530.000 Im3 (90.000 m2)

Full-scale maintenance and repair of the modernised heat generation system – during the 8-year term – is performed by Cothec Ltd.
The retrofit of the system was fully financed by Cothec Ltd. The energy savings achieved through the modernisation exceeded 20%.

Melegvizes kondenzációs kazánrendszer telepítéseThe investment was implemented in the heating season along with continuous heat supply.

In 2014, as a second step, Cothec Ltd. installed a compressor waste heat recovery device into the compressor system. Apart from the new equipment also suitable for heat exchange, a heat quantity meter ensures economic operation which results in further energy savings.

Reference Letter by Opel (downloadable pdf)

ASG Machine Manufacturing Ltd. - Tatabánya

Cothec Ltd. and ASG Machine Manufacturing Ltd. concluded a contract on the full-scale modernisation of the heat centre and a warm water supply system located in its site Tatabánya. Within the framework of the retrofit a gas condensation boiler system of 500 kW total capacity with a weather related control, new sanitary hot water containers and a flue gas discharge system was established.

During the modernisation the control and regulation of the secondary heating system was renewed in the heat centre.

After the modernisation Cothec Ltd. renders heat supply services for the offices, social and reception buildings of ASG Machine Manufacturing Ltd. within an 8-year contract.

SBS Ltd. Erdőtelek

ErdőtelekAt the site of SBS Ltd. the heating system of a new manufacturing hall of 2000 m2       with a EUCERK thermal tape, as well as the lighting network with (63) metalohalogen lamps of 400 W with emergency and external lights were established, furthermore the electric system of the hall was  implemented  by creating electric cabinets for welding stands.

We perform maintenance, and repair for the newly established equipment. The term of contract is 5 years.

Investments required for the modernisation (assets, design, licensing, construction and putting into operation) are financed by Cothec Ltd.

Miskolc - MÁV Tiszavas Vehicle Repair Ltd.

A Cothec Ltd. concluded a heat supply contract with Máv –Tiszavas Ltd. in 2001.

In the contract our company undertook to modernise the entire heating system.

Prior to the reconstruction at the site of Máv Tiszavas Ltd. a central gas-powered steam boiler house provided the heat supply of the buildings.

The bad efficiency degree of the boiler house, losses arising from the diverse steam pipe system, insufficient heat emission equipment furthermore inadequate insulation of the buildings made the full-scale re-construction unavoidable.

A Cothec Kft. 2001-ben kötötte meg a hőszolgáltatási szerződést az akkor Máv–Tiszavas Kft. néven működő vállalkozással. In the facility there is 210.855 cubic metre of air to be heated.

In 2002 our company decentralised the former central heating system by establishing heat generation units by each building.

The former steam-powered sanitary hot water supply system of the buildings was converted to hot-water powered system.


6200 KW összteljesítményű Solaronics, Remeca, Suprima, Quadriga gyártmányú berendezéseket építettünk be.

The boilers were fitted with a building surveillance system, this way the continuous monitoring of the system operation was turned into a periodical monitoring one.

Equipment manufactured by Solaronics, Remeha, Suprima, Quadriga was installed with a total performance of 6200 kW.


Energy audit

Cothec Ltd. has been performing energy efficiency surveys, audits at several industrial companies in the past period meeting market demand, such as OSI FOOD Solutions Hungary Ltd. located in Bábolna.

Without any doubt it was a great success that we could take part in the preparation and co-ordination of nearly 300 energy efficiency audits required for a KEOP tender as a partner of KPMG Consultant Ltd.

Main Energy Audits


Gasztrometál Plc., Tatabánya

At the Tatabánya site of the Company manufacturing industrial kitchen equipment, we performed an entire heat centre modernisation installing a condensation boiler and building up a district pipe between the two boiler houses. 

With the help of a heat recovery equipment we manage to utilise the compressor waste heat.

The equipment operate with high efficiency degree.

Hidromechanika Ltd., Putnok

The heating and lighting system was constructed and modernised in the metal-part manufacturing plant of the Company.

By installing dark radiators, a condensation vertical boiler and fluorescent lamps, furthermore providing heat supply we created a comfortable workplace for the employees.

Vekni Ltd., Putnok

This year we also carried out the lighting modernisation at another business enterprise in Putnok. In the small plant of Vekni Bakery Ltd.  we have installed fluorescent lamps and render heat supply services as well.