Heating- Cooling- and Energetic Service

What we are currently doing barely represents what we are able to do.

To make it simple: it means, that our expertise has two dimensions: on one hand we are able to render appropriate supply, on the other hand we possess profound knowledge on the existing technical solutions.

Certainly we undertake energy supply duties as well.
Apart from our wide technological knowledge, there is even more we can offer: we find integrated, personalised solutions for you. We link our professional expertise with experience in the field of building and equipment techniques in order to provide high standard energetic services, let it be the energetic management of the facility, heating or cooling technology.
You get what you need – a specific service or a total package of services which involves part elements worked out with utmost care.
The series of solutions provided by our company starts with consultancy and embraces the full-scale concept on energetic and energy supply systems till the integrated operation contract which includes consumption, comfort and savings-centred solutions.
The only thing we are unable to do is to show you here and now in details what personalised solution we are able to offer you! Do not hesitate to contact us and let us start a meeting immediately!
We hope that this day will be the beginning of a fruitful and effective co-operation!
Ask for our free offer, or contact us at one of the contact addresses listed under the heading Contact!