Full-scale Energetic Services

Cothec Energetic Operator Ltd. was founded by foreign investors in March 1998. By the end of 2006 the shareholders of the company increased the subscribed capital of Cothec Ltd. to 712.18 MHUF.
The shareholders decided to extend the scope of services of Cothec Ltd. in the Hungarian heat energy market involving know-how, expertise and sufficient capital.

This service is the so-called ESCO-activity, which incorporates the design, financing, construction of equipment to be established, furthermore performance-proportionate costing, as well as the division of costs among various facilities if necessary.

After the preliminary negotiations conducted with the clients and the survey of the heat supply equipment to be renewed we define the technical content of the new equipment based on the economical operation costs in the long-run.

The volume of investment, furthermore current operation costs serve as the economic basis for ESCO-service, which ensures full-scale guaranteed heat energy supply for its clients.

When establishing new heat supply systems beside economicality and efficiency, environment protection is the most important basic principle of our company.

COTHEC Ltd. thanks to the comprehensive experience – in the field of gas supply, planning, construction, operation and heat supply- gained through its shareholders and to the professionally well-qualified employees is able to render quality services for its clients.

The annual turnover of Cothec Energetic Operator Ltd. amounted to nearly 3 Billion HUF in 2012, it supplies heat in almost 8000 flats and has more than 200 clients in the whole territory of the country.

Working out our offer is free of charge! Do not hesitate to contact us!