Energy audit for companies

A new legal statute (Act LVII of 2015 on Energy Efficiency) - as a result of introducing 2012/27 EU directive to the Hungarian Jurisdiction - obliges large companies in Hungary to perform a mandatory energy audit. The Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority (HEA) as a proceeding authority, set up a deadline until 31 December 2016 to perform the energy audit. One of the most important provisions of the Act is that the audit has to be repeated every four years at large companies starting from the current year.

Apart from performing the audit, Act CXCVI of 2015 on the Amendment of Certain Energy Acts prescribes that every qualified undertaking shall register at the HEA website until 30 June every year ( in 2016 this deadline was 20 January).

energetic auditUnder the Energy Efficiency Act all qualified undertakings which meet the following criteria: having more than 250 employees; or their annual turnover exceeds EUR 50M; or their balance sheet total exceeds EUR 43M are obliged to perform a mandatory audit. The purpose of the audit is to survey where the energy consumption of your company can be optimised or how various energy efficiency increasing elements or renewable energy sources may be included in the system.

Energy audit is a procedure performed with a specified method whose aim is to become familiar with the energy consumption profile of your company, and with the full knowledge of the required information to define and quantify energy efficient energy saving opportunities, then report on the outcome.

To our best knowledge your company is considered as a qualified undertaking, consequently we would like to offer our assistance as a qualified energy auditor company through which you can:

  • reduce your costs in the long run
  • increase energy efficiency
  • improve your competitive edge

Cothec as a qualified energy auditor company registered under the registry number EASZ-01-3/2015 assists you in your energy audit, reveals wasteful solutions and helps you in finding different ways of cost-effective utilisation. Our company has a nearly 20-year-long experience in the Hungarian energy market, our flexible, safe and environment friendly schemes have been chosen by almost 250 clients in the past 16 years. Some of our major references include energy modernisation implemented in the Opel factory in Szentgotthárd, through which 20% saving has been achieved, renewal of heating and cooling systems of Appeninn office blocks in Budapest with fast rate of return, furthermore a full-scale retrofit of heat centres and hot water supply system of ASG Gépgyártó Kft. ( Machine Manufacturing Ltd.) in Tatabánya.

Should you have any questions concerning the mandatory audit, or you would like to know more about the opportunities lying in the audit, our company is happy to be at your service.

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