District Heating Systems

Energetic cost decrease, heating modernisation even without own funds

Has the following question ever occurred to You when seeing oversized and outdated boilers:
„How can we replace them to new and modern boilers, burners?”
You might have even felt, that
„We do not have capacities to work out the optimum technical solution and match them to our real needs and demand.”
The following issue must have occurred at numerous negotiations:
„How can the boiler size be designed optimally, taking summer and temporary demand into consideration?”


There are several opportuntities to optimise energetic costs!

Please, give us an opportunity to meet personally and we will find the most suitable solution!
With the full-scale site visit, personalised consultancy, placement of offer, which is
Rendering energy supply services, operating the entire energetic system
Conclusion of contract, planning, licensing, financing, construction and maintenance is
At a pleasant temperature, with the proficient and cost-effective system it is