District Heat Supply

In Hungary there are more than 650 thousand district-heated flats in 91 settlements, which represent 16% (Figures of 2006) from the housing stock.

Nowadays it has become an important aspect of environment protection to make district heating competitive in the long-run in comparison with individual heating.

Consequently, outdated heat generation equipment, district heating pipes and heat centres must be renewed and modernised.

Sources of subsidy are rather scarce and these require great financial funds.

This is what we can assist you in by providing professional help and own funds so as to establish the most effective district heat supply system.
We are able to keep to heat fees in the long-run by operation, taking the district heat system into concession.

Using adequate fuels (renewable energy: biomass, thermal, solar energy etc.), selecting the optimum performance we can reduce the use of earth gas consumption, which we match with the local opportunities or the system.

We are proud of operating a thermal energy driven system in Nagyatád.
In one of our reference sites, Sátoraljaújhely we rationalised district heat generation (by connecting boiler houses with district pipes), and installed modern boilers to replace the old heat generators.  

Within the framework of our district heat supply in Sárbogárd we also optimised the summer sanitary hot water generation in one of the boiler houses. In the other heat generating system we utilise heat exploited from co-generated energy.

We are planning to use renewable energy at all the above three places, or extend it so as not to increase Consumers’ burdens dramatically due to the perpetual price increase of the earth gas as energy source.

We are happy to prepare a technical concept for You, which ensures – even with renewable energy -the competitiveness of district heat supply and environment-conscious use of energy in the long-run.

Do not hesitate to call us and we are happy to show you our operated systems on a site visit.

Working out our offer is free of charge! Do not hesitate to contact us!