Cothec Fields of Use

Always different, always unique.

We tailor our solutions to your needs.

With respect to residential properties we offer You a full-scale energetic service package, in the framework of which you will have an opportunity to modernise Your outdated systems without own funds. It all serves the purpose of increasing the value of Your real estate!
With respect to any other properties we are partners to provide technical solutions for property management. We ensure real energy and CO2-savings for You which continuously improve Your competitive edge.
In industrial premises   or manufacturing units we analyse and optimise your energetic processes and guarantee the decrease of energy consumption related to your products. We promote you on the way to achieve CO2-neutrality and make you possible to position your product at the high end.
With respect to municipal and other communal facilities (sport facilities,) we can place a competitive offer on innovative solutions with the use of renewable energy. In co-operation with You we manage and optimise the operation of district heat systems, power plants, energy supply networks and guarantee increasing efficiency of CO2-emission, compliance with the climate protection regulations as well as long-term cost decrease.
Working out our offer is free of charge! Do not hesitate to contact us!