Corporate Social Responsibility

Responsible attitude has not started today at Cothec Ltd...

The most frequent buzzwords of our days such as Green Building and Green Production do not simply mean fashionable outlook for us, rather a conscious, continuous change.
Green Building: conscious construction, increase energy efficiency
Green Production: energy management, decrease CO2 emission
We entirely interiorised the approach representing the use of renewable energy sources and responsible use of energy sources.
It does not purely rely on ecological, but economical grounds: environment-friendly energetic solutions save financial means.
"Green" thinking and „green" deeds link pleasure with usefulness – and sensibility.


Energiahatékony VállalatCothec Energetics Operating Ltd. was granted the Energy Efficient Mentor Company Award in 2013. Since then the company has been awarded every year, altogether five times. The company has also received the Most Efficient Mentor Company Award.

In 2016 the „Energy Efficient Company” title was earned by Cothec Ltd. as well, due to the energy-efficient investments carried out at the sites of the District Heat Supplier Company in Sátoraljaújhely.
Energiahatékony vállalat

Mentor companies besides setting their personal examples, take part in promoting the Programme and undertake to motivate more and more companies among their clients and suppliers to make an attempt to win the Energy-conscious Company or Energy Efficient Company titles. Apart from these they have a distinctive role on knowledge share – that is to reveal and share knowledge and good practice which could help other companies in their development.

Cothec Energetic Operator Company has tendered for the Energy-efficient Mentor Company title through the following fruitful projects:

1. Institutions of Ráckeve Municipality: kindergarten, primary school, Mayor’s Office and nursery home
2. Main building of Neumann János Primary School - Szombathely
3. Central Trans-danubian National Penitentiary Institute - Baracska - Annamajor
Energiahatékony mentor vállalat tanusitvany - Cothec4. Hajós Alfréd Swimming Pool - Budapest – Margitsziget
5. 2 Office blocks of Indotek Investments Plc., Budapest
6. Main building of Zrínyi Ilona Primary School – Szombathely
7. Opel Szentgotthárd Ltd. Car manufacturing factory – Szentgotthárd
8. 3 Office blocks of Appeninn Holding Plc. - Budapest
9. ASG Machine Industrial Ltd. - Tatabánya

 Business Ethiques AwardThe Business Ethiques Award was granted to our company as well in 2015.  Annually, the Award is granted to companies who are committed in their everyday work to spread and strengthen responsibility for sustainable development among their corporate clients.

It was a milestone for Cothec Ltd. that the Company received ISO 9001 quality management, ISO 14001 environment management and ISO 50001 energy management certificates until 2018 attesting that our Company seems to follow the right track.

Cothec ISO

Our Corporate Social Responsibility towards the Growing Generation

Our company delegated a jury member for the Energetic Competition advertised for secondary school students for the first time in Győr, where our colleague gave an educational lecture on the significance of Biomass for the participants of the competition. We also gave valuable presents for the winners.

KLENEN Conference is supported by Cothec Ltd. Our company has a close co-operation with the Energetic Special College. We offer opportunities to work at our company as an apprentice and assist in the preparation of the final thesis. We promote energetic competitions organised by the Special College, contribute to the events by giving lectures, acting as jury members and giving a gift parcel for the successful participants.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Cothec Ltd. pays special attention to educate the young generation to be become energy-conscious adults. Consequently, we participate in most of the events where youngsters compare their knowledge in energetic issues, and support their professional forums by giving lectures focusing on energetics.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility is clearly represented by the co-operation agreements made within professional circles and our active participation in professional events.

  1. On 21 November we took part in the Hungarian Sustainability Summit.
  2.  We are members of numerous professional alliances and take part in their events (workshops, conferences) as expert consultant
    -  National Alliance of Building Societies
    -  Professional Alliance of Hungarian District Heat Suppliers
    -  Alliance of Hungarian Building Service Engineers 
  3.  We concluded a co-operation contract with the Hungarian Energy-efficiency Institute.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility towards Families

In the towns where we render district heating supply, we try to establish energy-conscious attitude in the growing generation by organising various programmes, games and events.
In Nagyatád we supported the Christmas celebration among the families in need of the local Family Welfare Service, gifts and vouchers were distributed for the children.
In Sárbogárd further presents and vouchers were given for the families in need of the local Family Welfare Service within a Christmas programme. A drawing contest was organised among the pupils on the role of district heat and the children’s effort was awarded with valuable prizes.
In Sátoraljaújhely Cothec Ltd. contributed to the Christmas light decoration of several streets of the town with a considerable amount. Our company promotes the local Boy Scout team and offers help with summer camps for necessitous children. We also supported the local summer and Christmas Art programmes. At the time of the unfortunate flood we provided significant support for the flood-struck families. 

In Kőszeg we sponsored the Summer Festival of Kőszeg Siege Days and an event titled Everybody's Santa Clause.