Cothec Ltd. has received the Business Ethics Award

Cothec Energetic Operator Ltd. seated in Győr has received the Business Ethics Award as an acknowledgement of the company’s activity.  Annually the Award is granted to companies who are committed in their everyday work to propagate and strengthen responsibility for sustainable development among their corporate clients.

Cothec renders energy supply, technical based energy saving and environmentally efficient solutions for its clients. Being a partner of industrial companies they provide technical based energy saving and environmentally efficient solutions, which result in considerable energy saving. With the assistance of the business association energy efficiency of major projects have been established such as Petz Aladár County Training Hospital in Győr, Hajós Alfréd National Swimming Pool or the Eastern Railway Station in Budapest.

Central boiler house of Petz Aladár County Training Hospital was built in 1984 using steam boilers modern at that time. Last year the outdated, nearly 30-year old steam powered boilers – supplying heat for the heating of the central steriliser, kitchen and air conditioning systems – were replaced to a cutting-edge district heat based system by Cothec Ltd. Last year due to the retrofit the hospital in Győr was approaching the heating season with a renewed up-to-date heat supply system.

Since 2000 – for 16 years - Business Ethics Award has been playing an outstanding role in honouring companies following an ethical attitude in business. This year 8 companies registered in Hungary were granted with the Award at the Award ceremony organised by Piac & Profit on 18 November in the evening. The event took place at the end of Hungarian Sustainability Summit, highlighting close contact between business ethics and sustainable development.  The main objective of founding the Award is to focus the attention of the Hungarian society on national enterprises, who set an example with their activity, behaviour in responsible, ethical management, business presence and strengthen the trust between the society and the business sector.

„Winning the Business Ethics Award in the „Multinational Company” category is an extraordinary event in the life of our company. It was not today when we started our responsible thinking at Cothec Ltd. By receiving this Award we have been confirmed to have been following the right way and we can see that it is worth keep on walking on the path we began. I am absolutely convinced that the success of our company lies in the commitment and expertise of our colleagues” - emphasised Bercsi Gábor, the managing director of the company.

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