Changes in company management

Please be informed that following our shareholders’ decision Mr Gábor Bercsi has been acting as managing director of Cofely Building Engineering Kft. and PVV Fabricom Kft. from December 1 2017.

From that day Cothec Kft.’s managing director is Mr dr. Csongor Czipf Ph.D. with an independent right to sign. Mr Czipf has been working for the company as managing director since January 1 2002.

Cothec Kft.’s company director is Mr János Prugberger supporting the managing director’s work in technical and sales areas.

Further authorized signers, jointly with the company director or with each other are Mr Csaba Somody technical director and Ms Ildikó Stinner administrative and financial director.

We hope that this change will induce further dynamic and progressive improvement in the relationship between Your Company and Cothec Ltd.