Environment Charter

On June 5, 2019, on World Environment Day, we signed the Environmental Charter.

"The Environment Charter is in line with the principles and the four priorities of the 7th Environmental Action Program of the European Union, "Wellbeing Without Devouring Our Planet": preventing and offsetting climate change, protecting nature, addressing environmental and health problems, preserving natural resources and waste management." (Press release of the Hungarian-French Chamber of Commerce and Industry - 05.06.2019)

We provide more: learn about our Energy-manager service

The Energy-manager reduces your human resources load and, at the same time, it ensures a metering data base, on the basis of reliable, factual data. Beside the automated processing of energy invoices requiring no human interface, exportable spreadsheet data may serve as basis for further analysis too.

Cothec Ltd. received further acknowledgement

In 2018 the series of acknowledgement of the previous years continued. This year Opten Ltd. awarded our company and Cothec Ltd. won rating „A” that merely has been given to 1.36% of the Hungarian companies in the category of large enterprises.

It also proves the fact that Cothec Ltd. is one of the most reliable participants of business life.

6th Energy Efficient Mentor Company Award

On 6 March 2018 it was the 7th time that the Award Ceremony of Virtual Power Plant Programme (VEP) operated by the Hungarian Innovation and Efficiency Non-profit Ltd. (MI6) was organised on the International Energy Saving Day.

At the award ceremony Cothec Ltd. was granted the most reputable corporate award of the Virtual Power Plant Programme - the Energy Efficient Mentor Company Award for the 6th time. Cothec has deserved the prestigious award with large-scale, active promotion of the Programme and consequently with its significant contribution to the establishment of the Virtual Power Plant.

By 2018 the Virtual Power Plant Programme run by MI6 has achieved the energy replacement target value equivalent with 200 MW power plant capacity, which was set for 2020, mostly due to its growth in the past three years.

Changes in company management

Please be informed that following our shareholders’ decision Mr Gábor Bercsi has been acting as managing director of Cofely Building Engineering Kft. and PVV Fabricom Kft. from December 1 2017.

From that day Cothec Kft.’s managing director is Mr dr. Csongor Czipf Ph.D. with an independent right to sign. Mr Czipf has been working for the company as managing director since January 1 2002.

Cothec Kft.’s company director is Mr János Prugberger supporting the managing director’s work in technical and sales areas.

Bisnode Certificete for Cothec in 2018

Cothec Ltd. has received Bisnode's AAA (triple A) certificate, which belongs to only 0.63% of the companies in Hungary, and it indicates that the financial risk of establishing business relations with
our company is extraordinarily low.

Energy Efficient Mentor Company Award in 2017 for the 5th time!

Cothec Kft. has been granted the reputable Energy Efficient Mentor Company Award for the 5th time. It is an important indicator of the fact that the company has been thinking in a responsible way for a long time. For Cothec it is a conscious process requiring constant rejuvenation.