About us

COTHEC: Who we are and what we offer

The quantity of increasingly diminishing fossil fuels meets the escalating consumption demand. There are two opportunities to progress. One of them leads to depening the conflict further on unless we change our attitude. The other possibility is to become independent from global tendencies and modernisation.

Cothec Ltd. offers the latter opportunities for you by providing energy-efficient solutions and installs efficient energy-optimised systems at its clients focusing on the use of renewable energy sources more and more. If you request us to place an offer free of charge, after the site visit you will be able to learn about our future-oriented proposals – without any risks or costs – consequently you cannot lose only gain!

Complex Services

Cothec Ltd.  is an energy-supplier, a professional company offering technical-based solutions to save energy.

Our scope of activity includes rendering complex energy-optimising services.

We offer extremely good financing schemes, which are closely related to the features of the given project and involve client-specific solutions.

Should you need a new, more economical energetic system being able to combine modern technology, you found the right company, who is able to plan, construct the necessary technical modernisations, investments, operate, maintain and repair the installed equipment in the long run providing guarantee.

If you cannot afford or wish to provide financial means for this development resulting in energy and cost savings, Cothec Ltd. undertakes financing as well!

Learn about us without any costs and risks, we are awaiting for your request for offer! Do not hesitate to contact us!