• Heating modernisation without own funds even with alternative energy sources
  • Establishment of optimum heating and cooling systems supported by an expert team specialised in energetics
  • A professional energetic company offering long-lasting, client-specific solutions
  • Responsible energy -rationalising accompanied with safe technical and financial solutions

About us

The quantity of increasingly diminishing fossil fuels meets the escalating consumption demand. There are two opportunities to progress. One of them leads to depening the conflict further on unless we change our attitude. The other possibility is to become independent from global tendencies and modernisation.
Cothec Ltd. offers the latter opportunities for you by providing energy-efficient solutions and installs efficient energy-optimised systems at its clients focusing on the use of renewable energy sources more and more. If you request us to place an offer free of charge, after the site visit you will be able to learn about our future-oriented proposals – without any risks or costs – consequently you cannot lose only gain!


Environment Charter

On June 5, 2019, on World Environment Day, we signed the Environmental Charter.

"The Environment Charter is in line with the principles and the four priorities of the 7th Environmental Action Program of the European Union, "Wellbeing Without Devouring Our Planet": preventing and offsetting climate change, protecting nature, addressing environmental and health problems, preserving natural resources and waste management." (Press release of the Hungarian-French Chamber of Commerce and Industry - 05.06.2019)

We provide more: learn about our Energy-manager service

The Energy-manager reduces your human resources load and, at the same time, it ensures a metering data base, on the basis of reliable, factual data. Beside the automated processing of energy invoices requiring no human interface, exportable spreadsheet data may serve as basis for further analysis too.


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